Friday, May 14, 2010

Why the Moscow Metro Got Bombed


Life has a way of completing circles, and in politics, tensions first ascend spirally upwards before they arrive at a breaking point. So to make a long story short let me show you WHY Moscow got bombed, and why it is not just a random AL-Qaeda attack like most ignorant people may think. What really happened in Chechnya, an area of conflict that remains largely obscure in the international media?


With the break-up of the Soviet Union many new nations were created from the large territory that it formally encompassed. Checkoslovakia , Lithuania, Armenia, Belarus, Latvia, Azerbaijan etc are a few, that claimed self-determination as people who belonged to a particular nation and did not want to be identified with the Russian state. Most of these countries got what they want. BUT NOT the Chechens.

WHY? Chechyna is blessed with Oil, and the Russians were not ready to part with it.

The Chechens were then fuelled by a “war of liberation” that caused then to delve into bitter attacks.

In 1994 nearly 4 yrs after, the Chechens had set-up their own autonomous government and held elections, Boris Yeltsin sent in his Russian forces, triggering the 1st Chechen War. This move worked two-folds for him, Yeltsin wanted control of the Caucasus oilfield and pipeline routes and killing muslims would cement his popularity in the 1996 re-elections.

However the Chechens fought back and won more so perhaps due to Russians underestimating their potential, and in 1996 Yeltsin had to admit defeat and recognize the rights of the Chechen people, yet he was not true to his word and refused to recognize the State immediately.

President Aslan Maskhadov the Chechen elected ruler, tried in vain to start a peaceful dialogue to resolve the Chechen conflict but the Russians would hear nothing of it.

This led to militant up-rising in Chechnya by Aslans field commanders who wanted a quicker establishment of their right to self-determination, rather than the questionable 5 yr long wait that Yeltsin had ascribed to them.

This led to the re-branding of the Chechens as “TERRORISTS”.

The Chechen President was a man who was committed to the diplomatic resolution of the conflict and he was content with the 5yr “normalization” that Russia prescribed. Yet the people of a nation have their own voices and many separatist Chechens reacted to the war that Russia instigated, resulting in attacks across Russia. Law and order deteriorated as the Chechen leader fought to retain control of his people.

As the tensions heightened things did not result in a peaceful settlement as Russian forces killed the Chechen President while he went into hiding in a military attack in March 2005.

What arose however was the Russian sentiment that saw the Chechen land as a “win” that they needed to satisfy their ego and claim in the region, much like the Indians and Pakistani’s outlook towards Kashmir. Thus waging war in Chechnya became a vote grabbing tactic for Yeltsin and his successor Putin.

And here on after started the bloody tennis match between the two countries. Military instigated carpet bombing by the Russians destroying whole villages on one end, and Chechen rebels carrying out terrorist attacks, led by Shamil Basayev, on the other.

Vladimir Putin first as he took office placated the Chechens by giving them hope for their own state,

“MOSCOW, Nov 10, 2002 (United Press International via COMTEX) -- Russia will guarantee the Chechen people the right to decide the future of their province through a referendum on a new Constitution that will be followed by establishment of governing authorities, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Sunday.”

Yet Putin followed this with a ferocious military campaign aided by forces hostile to muslims such as Israel.

The free world, especially the muslim world and the United Nations watched without condemnation. 200,000 people fled to refugee camps, and many just simply went missing, in particular to a “concentration style” camp called Cheornakosova that makes Abu Ghraib seem like a 5 star hotel, clearly violating the Geneva Convention.

Accounts of things that happen there include- body parts being chopped off, tongues nailed to tables, fathers forced to rape sons, deprivation of food etc in this camp and others such as Urus Martan. It is invariably clear that brutal actions by Russian federal forces in Chechnya will consequently lead to more Chechen sympathizers resorting to extreme acts of terror.

POST-SEPT 11TH however the world turned its attention across the Pacific to the United States, and the Chechen cause was forever lost as the norm of the decade, became “killing muslims under the pretext of fighting a war against terrorism”. Thus brandishing any resolution to the Chechen conflict that has laid dormant and resulted in the reduction of the Chechen land to a killing field, a land laid to waste by a senseless war. The rationale being basless- if the rule follows that States such as Bosnia, Kazakhstan, and Lithunia can be autonomous, why the Chechens? What if we took the Oil out of the scenario?

How many lives must it take?

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