Friday, May 14, 2010

Tragedy redefined.

When we are hurtled into dealing with pain, hurt, regret, tragedy or pain and we end up loosing something that was part of our life, it isn’t merely a process of moving on and dealing with it. What does happen is that your whole life gets disoriented. The way you define yourself changes; the way you think invariably follows.
What is most disconcerting is pain that is self-inflicted; for only we know what really hurts us the most, tears are not evidence of what the heart really believes. Some people do build a wall around themselves after tragedy just so they can be composed but mainly because they cannot come to terms with redefining themselves. I’m Single, I’m a widow, I’m an orphan, I’m handicapped, these are words that were once alien and now become finite. We learn to tug at out brains, and our hearts to follow the path that those before us who have suffered the same loss took, we search for a new identity and we search for a means to smile once again.
Yet the most important lesson is to let yourself burn, shed the tears, inflict the pain, tackle the truth burn, burn, burn every single bit of pain. Then almost phoenix- like we ought to rise from the cinders and soar towards the zenith of a panoramic rainbow, that gleams despite the passing clouds.

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