Friday, May 14, 2010


An ominous pain that encroaches upon your judgement. The sound of it reverberates in your throat like painful chuckles.
Balm won’t relieve the pain. The need to gasp.
The heavy lead in our heart.
The numbness of cheeks that won’t smile.
The welling up of tears.
This is the façade of a person who has thought, concluded and therefore refuses to feel.
The need to pop like a champagne bottle. Torn between the head and the heart. The heart does the beating, but does the brain tell the heart to beat? Spinning out of control do we listen to one or the other? The sensible thing would be to listen to your head; the human thing to listen to your heart. Thus our mere existence is paradoxical in itself. God has bestowed upon us in every situation the power to think and to feel. Yet in order to think we have to evaluate how we would consequently feel. This assumption is detrimental, since we never know how we would feel about someone or something until we are faced with a choice. Can u move on? Will u hide? Will u snap?
Yet when the head finally decides the heart suffices. The heart begins to take control, it calms, soothes, floods, burns, the emotions remain locked in. However sometimes if a decision is made with the heart the head can never come to terms with it, our head doesn’t have the strength that pumps pumps pumps life across our body with every single beat.


  1. Well said Z. Once the mind decides that the heart can choose once again it makes decisions easier and a little less complicated.
    There's always a choice in life, its just that not always you make a right choice, but if you do you would definitely be grateful for making the right choice.

  2. well.. right and wrong is always a relative.. u'll never know until you make a choice.. and most of the time it would be a difficult one. the choices you make, will define who u are and what you are. but then again most of choices are already made for us. we are a bunch of actors.


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