Monday, December 13, 2010

2010- A YEAR OF? 2011 a YEAR FOR?

So the Christmas carols have started chiming on the radio, and the weather has got nippy, the end of the year is usually filled with cheer and merriment, another 365 days wrapped and packaged up. Birthdays past, anniversaries remembered, marriages attended, funerals witnessed, heartaches solaced and Glee! pronounced. It’s like a watershed sigh of contentment in the solar system.
Now, lets get personal; we renew our faith each year, and hope that the next will either drastically improve or stay just the same. We look to the horizon like a sailor hoping that the New Year will bring with it dry land. Yet we do not know. We never do. Take a moment and look back at the year gone past. What do you feel? Have you moved forward? If so, in which areas and what direction? Does it matter or is it another year without 365 days of distance run? Have you burnt any bridges to get there or have you laid the foundations for a yellow brick road to take you into 2011?
I’m young, na├»ve perhaps and as I’ve been told wildly and unrealistically optimistic, so maybe me saying this will not come as a surprise, BUT I believe all you need besides faith, God, belief, blessings and Luck is- “THE RIGHT ATTITUDE”, because out of all the other things I mentioned, it is the ONLY thing you can control. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, no wait, it’s been one of those crazy bad ass rollercoaster rides this past 365 days. We know what a rollercoaster is like, Yet most of us choose not to get off the rollercoaster and instead want to experience that adrenaline that was pumping when we first got into the ride, holding on yelling for our mama’s, going topsy turvy upside down, in the hopes that it’ll stop soon, we get off; AND WANT TO GO AGAIN! AH! Whats life without the risks, after all it’s the journey that’s Life, not the destination ‘they’ say. For that journey lets all try a little attitude tweaking. Lets begin by focusing on our attitudes, because once again that’s the only one we can control and provide as an example for others perhaps to model on.
So to all my lovely people, yes I mean YOU, I know this year may have had its ordeals, and its new responsibilities thrust on you, but here’s the thing I have learnt this year. It’s not such a bad thing to let yourself be HAPPY. Sometimes happiness can be found in the strangest places it may not be what your peers and family consider happy but if it works for you then consider it, and while you maybe on a path to be on the Forbes List, give yourself sometime to truly find that place that makes you happy, and mostly content with yourself.
Let yourself forgive YOURSELF. Yes! Your not a bad person and you deserve to be happy, and if you do not forgive yourself it just makes you bitter and causes a film on your life that nobody but you can remove, and most importantly LEARN TO LET GO. I’m lucky God gave me an on/off button, but for those who can’t switch it off that easily, whatever it may be, I say, mourn it and then OWN IT!
There’s nothing worse than getting caught up in “games” and cycles of revenge, competition, deceit, and jealousy. It will sting bucket loads at first, you might go through moments and fits of unexplainable emotions; that’s the mourning bit, BUT DO NOT hurt ANYONE in the process, if truth must be told say it straight and diplomatically, and THAT is how you OWN it!
However all this aside if you ever just want to go and get some ice cream (you can have mine too I don’t eat it), and just have a good laugh, that’s what friends are for; in my opinion during your lows, you need to go to your friends who will probably tell you to do the exact opposite of what you want to do, those who know how strong you are and what you are capable of and won’t let you throw your towel down and call it a year. Those who will send private group messages on facebook to all your friends to support you silently when you don’t want to be smothered ;p , those who reprimand you in confidence and applaud you in your absence, those who send you text messages when you do something special, and slap you silly if you try to make life changing impulsive decisions that may have drastic consequences. Feel free to be all of the above to me, AND most importantly feel free to be those people to yourself. Forge new relationships, work on your own ones, especially the one most sacred, that relationship with your creator.

I can hardly wait for the coming year, the Glee, trauma, trials, gambles, tears, smiles, giggles, warmth, challenges and hugs, and to spend it with all of you who have come into my life this year, and who have been there; all these years.

“Give just a little bit of love today, and pass it along with a smile,
you’ll find that every little thing will start to go your way
you’ll be happy all the while.
Take a little time to say HELLO! And make things come out right,
Coz if you give just a little bit of love today,
You’ll feel a whole lot better tonight.”
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