Friday, November 25, 2011

Take my Land, take my People.

Ian had a house,
That was blessed for those living in it,
Yet times were hard and Ian left to build his home elsewhere,
His Roman neighbours were not cordial,
and neither were his former friends the Crusaders.
In his absence Ian’s brother Phil, bhought his house and built a home for himself.
Phil was a fair person, he invited his brother Ian to come and live in their neighbourhood, peacefully.
But Ian had other plans and spread his wings around the world.
Many years later specifically in 1948, after great suffering in Germany.
 Ian decided he wanted revenge on someone.
Phil was an easy target. So Ian went off to Uncle Nate to demand his house back without Phil’s knowledge.
Uncle Nate got the house back for Ian but not completely. Ian now owned the house and Phil simply “occupied it”.
The community and the neighbourhood liked Phil better and were weary of Ian and his precarious ways, they wanted Phil back.
“On what premise are you giving Ian my house Uncle Nate? ”, pleaded Phil. “ I have a family and this is MY home now. What if it happened to you? Would you give your ex ex ex ex ex tenants their house back?”
“Ian was here first he sold his house to you but you are not as important as he is to our family so, we can do whatever we want Phil; Uncle Kingsley and Uncle Stanley also think it would be fair. After all who do you think you are?”
I am Palestine; Wronged.
Still bleeding without justice; you do not even recognize me as a legal person. You do not allow my people to have the least of all human rights, protection of their sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Take my Land, take my people, take my religion; but realize that if you indeed believe in a “Holy Land” flowing with ravines of blood then you believe that there is a God up there to whom one day you will answer to.
Till Palestine is a country; we are not humane.  

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